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De: 33rd FEBS Congress - 11th IUBMB conference on Biochemistry of Cell Regulation, le Dimanche 12/08/2007
Site web: http://www.febs-iubmb-2008.org/index.asp

Département/Pays: ATHENS, GREECE

It is a most fortunate coincidence that Greece is hosting the 33rd FEBS Congress – 11th IUBMB Conference on Biochemistry of Cell Regulation, in 2008. Not only because ancient Greece was the birthplace of philosophical inquiry and rational thinking, but also because modern Greece gives high priority to the development of biosciences . Additionally, Greece today, has state of the art infrastructure, as was proven by the successful organization of the 2004 Olympic games. Finally, its geographical position, in the crossroads of three civilizations and its traditional relationship with the developing societies of the Balkans and Eastern Europe make Greece a valuable partner in their development within the European integration process.


- Release of the Accommodation Packages
June 1, 2007

-Delivery of Preliminary Programme
June 29, 2007

-Call for Abstracts
June 29, 2007

-Deadline for Abstract Submission
February 28, 2008

-Deadline for Early Registration
April 15, 2008

-Deadline for Late Registration
June 17, 2008

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