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De: Sandra Bendiscioli, le Dimanche 29/07/2007
Site web: http://www.embo.org/scisoc/index.html

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Subject: Complementary skills for scientists: what do you think?

Dear colleague,

We hope to reach practising life scientists of status group leader or higher with this e-mail. If this mail does not apply to you directly, we would be most grateful it if you could forward it to appropriate contacts. If the mail does apply to you, please read on.

The European Commission’s Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers emphasise the need for today’s researchers to have competencies that complement basic research skills (e.g. project management, grant proposal writing, communication), but what do scientists themselves think?

The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) is running a survey on this topic, involving life scientists of group leader status and above. It is crucial that a better understanding of the grass-roots situation is gained, so that – if appropriate – scientists may be provided with relevant support and advice. The questionnaire takes about 15 minutes and responses are fully anonymous. The intention is to report publicly on the results later this year, hence helping the voices of many life scientists to contribute to the debate, and – it is hoped – wise policy making in this area.

The questionnaire can be accessed via:

For more information on the European Charter for Researchers, please see: http://ec.europa.eu/eracareers/index_en.cfm?l1=29&CFID=6937221&CFTOKEN=376e495ed6a63681-5650C29C-E9FD-76A7-510BEABACCBE7CD8

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